Not a good start to the year…

…certainly research wise. The time I had kept sacredly aside to work on the stories you’ve sent in kind of vanished when I made the mistake of going to see my doctor because I was having sudden, very painful headaches right up my neck and into the back of my skull. It resulted in my spending my first ever time in hospital as an adult as an in-patient while they ran various tests and several painful lumbar punctures to try to find out what was going on inside my head.

To cut a long, slightly self-pitying, story short my first real experience of hospital was not at all a pleasant one – though the nursing staff and the other patients made things more bearable – and so did my friends who did me proud and visited me lots, keeping my spirits up.  I have been given an all clear – there was no sub-arachnoid haemorrhage (which is what they were looking for). I’m exceedingly happy about that but I don’t seem to have gotten back to normal just yet. I did a little work last night, something light, some notes from something I had read before Christmas but I feel oddly stalled and fuzzy.

The whole thing seems to have had a rather detrimental effect on my eating disorder too.