Adding theory of subjectivity to the chapter.

Another short post as I’m shattered have been doing ‘work’ work and have only just swapped to doing some of my PhD.

Goodness my motivation is scant after the events of January. I feel as if I should be out there living life not sitting here theorising about it – but I’m damned if I’m going to let my research go just because I’m in a bad patch with things.

So the last couple of weeks, working on interpretation the question that one of my examiners raised has stayed with me and I’ve been giving it a lot of thought. I’m almost totally convinced now that to ‘stray’ into theoretical considerations about the substance of subjectivity is futile unless it is entirely couched in the need for reflection that my research requires and the actual theory of what concerns me most: interpreting and interpretation.

To this end, while I’ve been trying to let go of the Methodology Chapter I feel as if I’ve already begun writing it in my head so here’s my idea. What I need to do is get firmly written up layers 1 & 2, move much further forward with layer 3 (I’m referring here to my interpretive layers) and then towards Easter when I have some time (ha ha!) I will devote some time to working up some of the issues I want to write out of methodology paper, so that I feel as if I’m writing the chapter cumulatively. I’m worried if I do leave it for eighteen months when I’m writing up some of the ideas flooding around now will have vanished no matter how hard I try to capture them purely in a brain-stormed form.