Completely random disconnected musings…

The following are just scattered jottings I have around my journal(s – am now on my second volume). I thought I’d bring them into a single place here so I can find them or see if they turn out to be useful/necessary in future.

– That it is reasonable to want to focus on language, as do many quantitative and qualitative analyses but that is not the core focus of my work because…? Because what? Of course this does not feel OK but it does have to be said out loud – for example it’s not as if my work is not about text and words!!!

– Hart’s tip about writing my future methodology chapter as a positive discussion about what my chosen method offers rather than focusing on what has been set aside due to weaknesses.

– I don’t argue for a relativist position of ‘no reality’ but i do accept that that the reality experienced by my contributors and explored in my work is one of many possible interpretations available and that my own story is the filter which determines which reality is presented.

– In reality, nothing of the interpreter can be shut out or held aside, it can only be minimised  through due exploration or incorporated into the interpretive act.