Defiantly Hermeneutic

What has struck me, from my humble beginnings almost twelve months ago when my call for participants ended, is just how ‘wrong’ the current one size fits all of research students is.

The more work I’ve done on these stories you guys have sent me, the more it is impossible to set out with certitude and expansive detail in advance what it means to engage in interpretive. It also does not surprise me that some researchers need or want the interpretive work but without the hassle that comes with unfettered interpretation.

My process of working with these texts has been all the better for having been three years in the making, it feels free and tangible, yet can be explored, expressed and talked about. it has a physical form and shape yet is so flexible and responsive I feel as if the ‘analysis’ is being true to my original wont – it is deep exploration without hacking these stories to pieces and turning them into code.

I really, REALLY enjoy it. It’s like nothing else I’ve ever done. I also constantly have ideas of further ED in males research that I want to engage in because I want other opportunities to expand my methodological repertoire whilst holding on to my hermeneutic roots.

I wonder if I’ll still feel like this by December of this year?