How ‘The Story of…’ has been arrived at.

For each man I’ve worked with his whole story at anyone time, resisting more traditional social science approaches to break the ext apart into smaller units of analysis.

However, what has been ‘broken down’ is the interpretive work. I’ve taken 3 passes at each story (‘raw’ analysis as at this point there is no active link being made to the sociological, psychological or clinical literature).


As can be seen below, each time I’ve worked up an interpretation (one pass out of Red, Yellow or Blue) I’ve then gone into the previous stories’ interpretations to see if my experience of them can increase understanding of the one I have been currently working on. Following this, the empathic retelling interpretation as then been reworked to used as the basis for the ‘The Story of…’ interpretations – literally the interpretation that brings together all the interpretive passes on one participant and captures them in a story of his eating disorder experience through my lens, prior to engaging in the critical literature (which I’ve now started reading).

Phew! Clear as mud?