Free Eating Disorders Awareness Event at University of Huddersfield

Tomorrow I’m speaking at a conference which is designed to raise awareness by bringing practitioners, specialists, activists and parents and carers together to share information and latest thinking and advice on eating disorders.

Here is what FEDS & UoH outlines as the content of the day:

 The University of Huddersfield in conjunction with the Kirklees local carers support group FEDS (Families of Eating Disorders Sufferers) are holding an eating disorders awareness day, which aims to dispel the myths around eating disorders.

It may be of interest to those working with individuals who have an eating disorder, including practitioners from health and social care, education, voluntary/charitable organisations and dentists.

You will hear from local experts on the following topics:

•The different types and complexities of eating disorders.

•Which ‘type’ of person could develop an eating disorder?

•The ages at which an eating disorder may develop.

•Identifying possible eating disorder sufferers in your care.

•Overview of child and adolescent mental health service and how care is offered to children with eating disorders.

•Specialist community teams providing care for those with eating disorders.

•The impact of eating disorders on males.

•The role of the school nurse in supporting children within the education system.

•The role of the university in supporting individuals with eating disorders in higher education.

•The role of local support groups in supporting families to care for a child or adult with an eating disorder including level of care, and the impact.