Drafting a thesis

At least everything exists in a rough draft form by now but just when the end looks ever closer re-reading a chapter immediately prior to sending it to my supervisors I’m struck by a sudden thought – namely, this would read so much better if I had a detailed table accompanying it that illustrated the very points about unbalanced samples etc that I’m making.

In which case, I think it would look something like this:

Analysis of Male ED Lit

This would be phenomenally useful to people reading my PhD (mainly my examiners) in explicating exactly what I feel the problems are and it would allow me to arrive at a more succinct rendering of what I feel to be an unwieldy and clunky chapter – the least readable of the lot.  It would be so much more than an annotated bibliography as I would be able to organise the papers by their themed groupings that appear in my text or by date or by methods and so on. In my notes this has already happened (all of the things in the table) it’s just I use mapping cards to facilitate analysis and drafting and they are simply not accessible.

Originally I thought I would get the writing finished and then update an old annotated bibliography I’d made in 09-10, as I would no longer be up against it in terms of thesis completion. And then it hits me – time – it would take an incredible amount of time and that’s why I thought to do it after I had finished, then I could do a little each day/week until it was all done, making a useful resource for me in the future and for others.

Lasting pride in the thoroughness of my work versus having it completed to time – what do I do?