‘Millstone’ is the new documentary by Men Get Eating Disorders Too* and director Florence Pellanci. It tells the stories of men who speak about their experiences from illness to recovery including two mothers. Our ultimate goal is to ‘split the atom’ in awareness and understanding of eating disorders in men and promote the key message that eating disorders have no gender.

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Unlike any other film we aim to explore eating disorders from the mindset of those suffering opposed to the focus on physical impact. Typically it’s assumed that eating disorders are affected by mostly young women thus being a stereotypical assumption that our film aims to address.

Eating disorders are conditions that affect 1.6 million people UK-wide with between 10 and 20 per cent of those being men. In reality, more men are un-diagnosed than diagnosed and we are determined to ensure that more men are able to come forward and get the help they need. It may be the ‘tip of the iceberg’ and we are determined to ensure more men are able to seek the help they need.

I LOVED being anorexic, I ADORED being anorexic; it’s that feeling of you taking control of yourself. Food is such an important part of your life, so to deny yourself that you get a swooping, soaring feeling of “yes I am on top of that” – “I went silly, I went crazy…. Anorexia is the same as cocaine. The brain firing, the body feeling it. It was incredible.’ Dave Chawner.

Certainly,before I was diagnosed (with an ED) I thought I was getting fitter, I didn’t think I was getting thinner. And there were moments, when seeing yourself on the scales I wasn’t seeing what other people were seeing – I didn’t appreciate how serious this was.” John Evans.

Millstone will go live on YouTube on 11th November to coincide with ‘Movember’. The trailer for the film is available to watch on Your Tube via this link:

*Men Get Eating Disorders Too is an award winning national charity is run by and for men with eating disorders including their carers and families.

Our website provides essential information that is specific to the unique needs of men and is an online space for those affected to get their voices heard (e.g. peer support via our forum and one-to-one live chat sessions). We also campaign in the media and organise awareness raising events and training for professionals

Sam Thomas

Founder and Director – Men Get Eating Disorders Too