Publication and Research Progress – Reflections and Plans

What a deliciously verbose title. All it really means is that I wanted to capture where I’m at 8 months post-PhD. Part of both research reflexivity and Vitae RDF (C2 – Research Management, B1 – Personal Qualities & B2 Self-management) involve a researcher’s ability to juggle many ideas simultaneously, find a way to work with all of them, whilst keeping momentum in terms of ensuring at new knowledge and its data make it to the public domain in order to make a difference. So, by recording these musings I’m not only helping capture and clarify my thinking and processual details, I’m also engaging fully with the nature of modern scholarship.

Legacy Publications

There are 5 of these:

  1. Review of Qualitative Literature (in non-Eating Disorders journal)
  2. Methodological Paper (needs journal scoping)
  3. Substantive findings – eating disorder findings (aimed at Eating Disorders journal)
  4. Substantive findings – EDs & masculinities findings (aimed at non-ED journal).
  5. A male eating disorders book – a scholarly monograph.

New Research

  1. Extension of stories sent previously experimenting with dialogical analysis (ethically approved under original project – completion June 2018)
  2. Pluralistic Qualitative Analysis on stories within public domain (2 year project – ethical approval needed)
  3. Autoethnography of BED (ethical approval needed, completion January 2018)
  4. Compilation of Male ED research as resource for others to use (this will be completed post book).

This kind’ve helps me to see that I’ve got a great deal going on. In addition to this is:

  1. Reflective Practice 5th Edition (publishing March 2018)
  2. Paper with maths colleague
  3. Paper re ethics in skills advice
  4. Paper with study skills colleague.

All as part of my day job.

Bloody hell – how is all this going to happen???? I feel a bit exhausted just reading all of it. I’ve italicised the ones that are completed or almost completed.

Do other post-doctoral researchers feel the weight of making sure people can access what they’ve learnt/generated? Do other early career researchers find themselves flooded with ideas of where to take things next but realise that, in the reality of daily life, there just isn’t enough time to dive into all of it.

And, finally, admitting my number one fear right now (i feel rather exposed writing this for anyone to see): that someone will do all of these things and more and publish them waaaay before I have the chance to. That’s a genuinely scary thought. I happen to know that someone else is working on researching existing stories – but it’s something I planned to do since 2009 – so I’m going to forge ahead anyway. There are, after all, always fresh angles and new takes on potential open-source data.

Phew, I feel better for that.