Tresca’s An Exploration of Men’s Experiences of Motivation to Change in Relation to their Journey with Anorexia Nervosa.

Barbara Tresca, whom I met a goodly while ago, now – 2015, I think – has completed her clinical psychology doctorate and her thesis is now available. Her diligent and important work should be read and shared.

The thesis is available open access online – aspects have been redacted, and rightly so, as they either pertain to clinical case work and patient’s cannot be compromised or there is material that may be published but the remainder is still worth covering.

All too often some of the best qualitative research in male eating disorders are Master’s and Doctoral dissertations and theses that for one reason or another never go on to be published. This is a great shame given how much effort the researcher has gone to, to collect and analyse data from a hard-to-reach group.

So, with Barbara’s work, I’m committing to making an effort to sharing any male eating disorders theses or dissertations that are open access with you here over the coming months. This data is often overlooked, yet it is often those classed as ‘students’ who are producing unusual and unmissable work.