Coping at Christmas

Some prominent (M)ED experiencers, campaigners, and talented practitioners are offering a workshop based around yoga and compassion to help people and/or their carers & families tackle what is (speaking from research data and from experience) a very difficult time of year. Details are below and at the link above.

In addition, over at the Life Coaches blog there is a timely post about diet culture and self-acceptance. Consider giving it a read if it is useful to you: Dieting and self-acceptance. After, all how many of us recognise how much dieting towards some socially-sanctioned end-game (Christmas do? New Year’s party?) fed into our various mechanisms as our ED took hold?

Full disclosure, yours truly is mentioned in the article but I am not affiliated with the site or Life Coach Near Me in any way. The blog is free to read, however, so I thought you might be interested, as it is a thoughtful piece.