Male Eating Disorders: Experiences of Food, Body and Self

It’s here! As a bibliophile, I can barely describe the feeling of holding a book in your hand knowing it’s yours. It makes my mind reel and I feel giddy with delight.

Academic books don’t come cheap, admittedly, but If you feel you can support the book by asking your library to buy a copy or downloading chapters almost as if they were journal articles, that is entirely optional (no pressure) but much, much appreciated.

I feel enormously proud and it represents the culmination of such extensive work – there were 140, 000 words – and only 50,000 appear here, so there’s more to come. And there’s a lot to the scholarship, not just eating disorders but issues around gender,identity, masculinity, stigma, fat and fatness, colonisation and ambivalence.

There’s a preview available here:

And Amazon has the ‘Look Inside’ feature.

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