Careers Training for Researchers

Making Your Application Count Thursday 3 March 10.00- 12.00, B0.02 Chesham

Develop your skills in completing those demanding sections of employers’ application forms, including the Personal Statement or Additional Information section. We will also look at techniques for answering competency based questions, commonly found on application forms.


Succeeding At Interview, Thursday 10 March, 10.00- 12.00, B0.02 Chesham

This workshop will enable you to feel more confident about the selection interview process. We will look at different types of interviews, including competency and strengths based interviews, and consider techniques to help you perform well at interview.


Myers Brigg Type Indicator(MBTI)  17 March , 10—12.00, B0.02 Chesham

This workshop will enable participants to gain a better understanding of their own and others’ personality types by completing the well established Myers Brigg Type Indicator (MBTI) self report questionnaire. By the end of the session, participants will be able to: better describe their own and others’ personality type; appreciate the differences between people; understand how to communicate effectively with others, based on an understanding of personality type.