Courses for Research Students

I’m happy to announce that there are three Short Courses for Researchers coming up shortly  – please inform any of your students you think may benefit from these and ask them to email me to book a place.


SPSS (1) Monday 22nd February 2015 10 to 3pm Room 01.53 JB Priestley Library

This workshop aims to provide a familiarity with the most widely used software for analysis of quantitative data for social scientists.  It will help researchers to equip themselves with a useful transferable skill.  This workshop will cover data entry, and examine some basic techniques for analysing quantitative data including descriptive statistics, cross-tabulation, chi-square statistic, correlation, and examining differences between two sets of scores (T-Test).


Elaboration Method Tuesday 23rd February 10 – 1pm Room L24 Richmond

A logical model for understanding the relationship between two variables by controlling for the effects of a third.

The multivariate analysis of contingency tables introduces a third control variable to enhance an elaborate our understanding of bivariate relationship.


Qualitative Data Analysis (Thematic Analysis) Tuesday 23rd February 2 – 4pm Room D01.25 Horton

Thematic analysis is the most common form of analysis in qualitative research.  This is a method for identifying, analysing, and reporting “themes” within data.