What is Science Bridges China?

  • A major platform for collaboration
  • Advancing Pharmaceutical Science and Healthcare Technology
  • Collaborating in fundamental research
  • Translating research for the benefit of society
  • Creating new technologies and companies through Open Innovation

The Science Bridges China scheme was set up by the RCUK in 2008, and four funded programmes were announced in December 2008. The Bradford – China Science Bridges programme was top ranked, and commenced at the end of June 2009, and a formal launch at the Royal Society, London on 2 February 2010. This is a collaboration between 3 leading research institutes at the University of Bradford, namely the Institute of Pharmaceutical Innovation, the Institute of Cancer Therapeutics and the Polymer Interdisciplinary Research Centre.

The award of £1.27m over 3 years to the Bradford team is to develop knowledge transfer, training and assist with commercialisation of healthcare-related products, in collaboration with 11 Chinese academic institutions. Our two themes are Pharmaceutical Science for drug discovery and drug delivery, and Medical Technology – including advanced polymer and biopolymer materials. The programme is also supported by Medilink (Y&H) Ltd, the Healthcare Technologies Knowledge Transfer Network and the UKTI, who also form part of the industry-oriented Advisory Board.

Science Bridges China involves leading Research & Knowledge Transfer Centres in the University.