Town Hall Success and Coding Project Update

Firstly, Ben and I would like to offer our thanks for the wonderful attendance level of our first Town Hall presentations on the SITS Coding project.

It was great fun to be able to communicate the changes we’ve been working on over the past 6 months with you all, and the feedback we’ve received has been excellent.

For those who could not attend we have a blog post available here that should help give an idea of what we are working on. Plus, there will be more town hall meetings coming up in the next few months.

Training is also about to start rolling out with modules becoming the focus in February and March as we will be attaching students to their 2016/17 modules now, rather than in September.

Building Phase

We are currently building the new structure in a special environment of SITS that will allow us to build the new codes, but not affect any data in SITS Live until testing is completed.

Currently, we are rebuilding the modules with over 2500 being recoded, reviewed and checked for data errors. This will mean new module codes and a consistent, university wide organisational structure that will be the same between all faculties.

Over the coming weeks we will be re-coding the student courses in a similar manner and correcting all the background data around this too.

We’ll have more to share soon, bookmark the blog for our latest updates.

Ross Denby

SITS Support & Training Officer