SITS Coding Project Update: Module Codes Now Live & Examples

Hi all, February and March saw some big progress with the recode of SITS and we are excited to share with you some details of what has been accomplished by SITS Coding Project recently and some examples of the structure we are putting in place for the next academic year.

Module codes in SITS Live

The new module codes have been successfully transferred into SITS Live. This allows faculties to use them to create the new module diets which will allow the students to have their modules created in readiness for 2016/7.

Our work in recoding and reorganising the modules also enables the use of the Online Module Selection tool for students, rather than using the paper based method. A lot of hard work went into creating and testing the new module codes; from Faculties to Registry to IT to AQPO, so thank you to everyone involved.

These records created get us ready for next year earlier than ever before. While these records exist you should be aware there are no students taking these modules now, they are dormant records awaiting next academic year for returning students.

All this hard work and accomplishment really represents the first step towards our beautiful new coding structure and how the changes are going to improve the way we work for both staff members and the students at The University of Bradford.

Example codes

Many people have been asking to see the new codes, so a few examples are below. The aim has been to create codes which are more formulaic and therefore more adaptable to future university changes.

These codes will help separate students into manageable groups which will make it much easier to retrieve cohorts of students from SITS. Each part of the code takes on different values for all the different types of courses, routes and programmes.

A fuller explanation of how the new codes work will be given during training but these examples will give you a taster of what’s to come.

Module (MOD) code: ACF3001-A

Subject area Level of study Sequence Credits
A C F 3

(FHEQ level)

0 0 1 A

(10 credits)

Route (ROU) code: ACF3UFA-D001

Subject area Length Level Mode of attendance Award Domestic / Overseas Identifier
A C F 3 U



(Full time)


(BSc Hons)

D (Domestic) 001-999 (Standard)

Course (CRS) code: ACF3UFADS

Subject area Length Level Mode of attendance Award Domestic / Overseas Identifier
A C F 3 U



(Full time)


(BSc Hons)

D (Domestic) S



Carol and Ross are currently training faculty staff in diet creation. The sessions have being going well despite a few technical glitches. Feedback from the training is that staff have found it added a lot to their knowledge of SITS and that “all of it” was useful to them.

Online module selection

The Go Live date for Online Module Selection is now set for April 11th and it’s hard to say whether its staff or students who are more excited at the prospect of paperless module selection. It’s a big step forward for the university and should save everyone involved time and hassle.

Check back in a few weeks for another update.