What should I expect?

Maths Appointments

Appointments last for up to an hour.

You decide on the topics you would like to cover and so you need to bring your work with you. For example tutorial questions, lecture notes you want to look over or any other maths you would like to work on.

Doctoral Skills Appointments

Appointments last for up to an hour and are for students registered on a degree by research such as MPhil, PhD, DPharm or DBA.

The Postgraduate Research Skills Adviser can help develop your transferable skills in any of the following research development competencies:

  • Analysis and critical thinking (RDF A2 & A3)
  • Problem-solving and creative solutions (RDF A2 & A3)
  • Research philosophy, designing research and methodological skills (RDF A1)
  • Personal effectiveness and self-management (RDF B1 & B2)
  • Personal/professional development such as goal-setting and action-planning (RDF B2 & A3)
  • Professional ‘conduct’ and communication (RDF C1 & D2)
  • Reflective practice for research (RDF A1, A2, A3, B1, B2 & B3)
  • Managing research as a project (RDF C2)
  • Working successfully with others (RDF B3 & D1)
  • Critical reading & reviewing (RDF A1, A2 & A3)
  • Presenting (RDF B1, D2 & D3)
  • Dissemination e.g. designing posters and writing skills for doctoral candidates (RDF D2)
  • Using Vitae resources and PDP skills using the Researcher Development Framework (RDF B3).