Royal Institution L’Oreal Outreach Lab

The L’Oreal sponsored “Young Scientist Centre” at the Royal Institution in London 

provides a space for London schools to take part in practical experiments and hands-on science activities. With such a similar Lab in the making, STEM at Bradford  recently visited the Royal Institution to view these facilities. We also explored the possibility of  an “RI in the North” presence in our new STEM Centre. 

The Royal Institution is an independent charity dedicated to connecting people with the world of science. Through discovery, innovation, inspiration and imagination you can explore over 200 years of history making science in the Faraday Museum as well as engage with the latest research, ideas and debates in their series of public science events – most famous of which are the Christmas Lectures. The 2011 3-part series is entitled “Meet Your Brain” and will be broadcast on BBC Four.

Working with the Royal Institution will enable the STEM Centre  to exhibit a series of  iconic and fascinating scientific artefacts. Watch this space for more exciting news on this partnership and have a look at the RI website at: