STEM Breakfast Meeting

Thanks to everyone that came to the Breakfast Meeting this morning.

I hope that everyone was able to go away with an activity that they were interested in engaging in.

It was pointed out to me after the meeting that the date for the training of year 12/13 students for the student voice was during half term. I’d been pushing it back to try and avoid exams and I’ve just pushed it back too far. So I’ve changed the date to the 8th, I’ve checked and this should be after the last of the A level exams.

Find out more about the Student Voice Programme by clicking here.

If you are interested in getting involved in an action research project or have a project at your school that you think might be suitable please get in touch. You can find a more information about the action research process in this leaflet-  STEM Action Research Leaflet 2011. All projects will be supported by the University both in the development of activities and in evaluating them together.

If you were interested in Dr Riddhi Shukla talk on bees and propolis please get in touch as we want to find schools to develop the activities with. You can find a copy of her talk Health from Honey Bees here.

If you liked the ideas of teaching Maths with computer games or investigating car crash crumple zones using Wii remotes and would like to get involved in Maths activities please wither get in touch with myself (James) or Jon Purdy as I’m sure we would both be happy to help out. Click here for a copy of Jon’s talk, please note that this does not include the videos.

Dr Graham Stevens notes from his talk on professional studies are available here.

I Think I managed to get something about most items but I’ll try and add a little more if I get the chance.

So check back soon.

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