Health from Honey Bees

You might know that bees make honey and bees wax, maybe you have heard of bee pollen or royal jelly- but have you heard of propolis? Pupils from Laisterdyke Business and Enterprise College have been finding out more.

A small team from the University of Bradford went to visit Laisterdyke Business and Enterprise College to talk to year 8 pupils about formulation and the work the University is doing to develop health products from propolis.

The lesson saw pupils building on their knowledge of bees to learn about the products they make. Everyone got the chance to experiment with propolis in its different forms and learn about some of the products that the Pharmaceutical Engineering Research team at the University of Bradford are developing.

Comments from pupils

“Today I liked doing the first challenge in which we won, everyone took part in it and it was fun and interesting. Also we got to learn a lot of new facts about bees + we experimented too.”

“Today was exciting because we did an experiment, team work stuff and learnt a lot about bees and propolis. I learnt stuff and it wasn’t a boring lesson.”

“I enjoyed the fun activities and the experiments because I learnt lots in a fun way. I also enjoyed it because it was easy.”

“I enjoyed this lesson because you made it fun and easy. I enjoyed the competitions and the experiment was really fun as well”

Thanks to everyone involved, we hope you enjoyed it.