Application forms, online tests and interviews – is it really worth all the effort?

This blog post is about my experience with an employer before getting my 12-month placement.

My first ever assessment centre

After the long haul process of an application form, online tests and a telephone interview. Being successful in getting to the final stages of a prestigious investment bank for a placement at Morgan Stanley was somewhat overwhelming and attending an assessment centre in the heart of London’s financial world, Canary Wharf, could not have been more daunting.

Travelling down on public transport in the early hours of the morning.

The nerves, pressure and fear of failure were getting the best of me as I was expecting a rigorous and comprehensive interview process, However I was surprised by the relaxed approach I was given by the interviewers. They were not there to drill into me with a fury of questions, but to give me a chance to sell my self and understand if I was the correct candidate for the role.

Being unsuccessful, my nerves definitely had the best of me. Somewhere in life you will always get knocked down, the question is: Will you get back up?

Feeling like giving up, it took a huge hit on my confidence, being encouraged by friends and family, I stood strong and took the experience as a learning curve and reflected on myself in order to develop my areas of weakness. I guess there was something better waiting for me round the corner.

After the initial assessment day, I attended various other interviews at recognisable firms such as the NHS and Pfizer. Each hurdle helped my drive and greed to secure a placement.

So was it worth it?

Being able to stand out from the crowd under today’s job market; definitely!

A competitive economy, with job cut backs in almost every sector, standing out like a gem amongst thousands of unemployed graduates, having a year’s worth of invaluable experience is something all students should crave to put on their CVs. Not only does it help assure you of your career choice, it gives you the boost you need to secure a graduate job.