Daunting or what?

Ok, so it’s been seven months since I’ve been on placement but time has just flown by and I don’t really like it to be honest, because I love the place I’m working at.

At first I was unsure as to whether I would really like it as it was at university, but it has turned out to be amazing and so much fun. Working at university is very different to studying at university, I’m gaining work experience but still getting to enjoy being young as I get to see my friends on my breaks.

The best thing about work is no exams. Exams are difficult, brain fryers, and personally I think they’re quite pointless because as soon as you leave the exam room you completely forget/stop caring about what you have learnt. Whereas work is all practical and easy to understand. That may be due to the way I learn, as reading from a book or looking at a lecture screen just isn’t helpful for me, I’m more a practical learner, but one thing for sure is that I will not forget what I have learnt at work.

Now then, saying that I like work it is starting to really pile on, I’m already in the middle of a large project which my whole placement grade is dependent on. I’ve also got three more big projects coming –  daunting or what? But I like a challenge and like large workloads, I don’t really like a job where I’m not doing anything, I like to be a busy bee, and I guess I’m really about to get it.

So there you go, thought I’d give you a little update on my amazing but challenging placement, and the picture below illustrates how I will be feeling in a few months.