I’m not creative enough to think of a title

Hello, my name is Taha and I’m an Accounting and Finance student. I am currently doing my placement in the Computer Services department of the University. Yes, I am aware of how unusual it is but the geek in me helped force me into taking it.

Working for the University has been an interestingly strange experience so far. The transition from being a full time student to working full time takes some getting used to, especially the rigidness of the hours (yes I am aware that some of you have flexitime, you have mentioned it a hundred times). Being in the same place where I was a full time student just months ago made the transition simultaneously harder and easier.

While the buildings and the location are the same, the place has a different feel about it, it seems a bit more serene, a bit more relaxed. Instead of searching for lecture halls and thinking about exams, I now sit in an office and stare at a computer screen till 5 (sometimes while mumbling to myself).The lectureres have become my peers and there is a lot more to learn about the University as a business. Not to mention free coffee and pens.

The editor told me to put in a picture, so heres a picture of a gorilla playing Nintendo: