I’m sure we already do this

Have a quick read of this article and you decide whether you think Bradford University already does everything they are talking about.

Ok so from reading the article these are the main points I picked out:

  1. Help students prepare for placement
  2. Offer sandwich degrees and Internships
  3. Offer degree courses accredited by professional bodies
  4. Offer degree courses in partnership with businesses

Well I study at the University of Bradford and can honestly say I think that they tick all of the above, but simply saying it is not enough so I will back my words up with facts.

Firstly the University offer pre-placement workshops. I know this because I attended them before getting a placement. They help with CVs and interview preparation, take a look at this information about workshops.

Secondly I am from the School of Management (SOM) and every SOM course offers a sandwich year. There are six other schools at the university and they all offer sandwich degrees as well. One point made in the article was that you should not waste your summer doing nothing but resting in the sun, well I enjoyed the sun but also gained some valuable work experience which helped me get my 12 month placement (sandwich).

In the summer of 2010 I worked for Europe’s biggest residential basketball camp as part of an internship which I got through the university summer experience programme, and which gave students an opportunity to gain work experience. Not only did I have a internship in 2010 but I also worked for one of the largest credit companies called Equifax in London in summer of 2011 – so far so good, Bradford’s not looking too bad is it? Take a look at the University Summer Experience site.

Now I’ve just had a look at the University’s website as I was unsure whether the university offer courses that are accredited by professional bodies, but yes you guessed it they have, take a look for yourself.

And the last point I picked out was to offer courses that are in partnership with employers, now this is quite unique as not many universities offer this BUT Bradford do.

Having read the article and comparing it against what the University of Bradford offer I would say that I am at a pretty good University that facilities very good employment prospects.