Like A Boss at The Savoy Hotel

Yes, Savoy Hotel, London it is!

Honestly, who would in their right mind say ‘no’ to free food and drinks at the Savoy? God forbid! I wouldn’t miss that once in a life time opportunity. I accepted the invitation to attend a presentation by LEGRAND.  If you watched The Apprentice last year you will know what the Savoy is like. Trust me, its just fantabulous, I would encourage you to put it on your list of places to visit in London.


So how did I end up getting this invite? Well, in the team that I work in there are quite a lot of people and it happened that I had finished  my tasks early than expected and I volunteered to help out. I was sent to this guy whom I helped out and ended up developing a good professional relationship with him and when he got the invite he extended it to me (which was a good thing). Connections and useful contacts are very important in the professional world if you want to broaden you horizons and be successful in your career.

There was a presentation by Legrand, a company that manufactures electrical supplies for the built environment, and a chance to network with like-minded individuals. Of course it wouldn’t have been such a good night without food and drink. I can confirm they serve really good food. I ate till I forgot my name. Don’t ask about the drinks because it was more or less drink till you drop. My advice would be please know know limits especially when surrounded by work colleagues and clients (don’t worry I didn’t do anything terrible).

It would have been a good night without freebies as well. I haven’t opened the little wrapped up box yet, I am hoping its chocolate. I got a fancy notebook, beautiful USB stick and a little leather wallet.


TIP OF THE DAY: Don’t underestimate the power of networking, make the most of your university/placement experience by making useful contacts along the way. They might not appear to be so important now but might be in the future.

Its bye for now.