My Placement Search – Using Blackboard

I think meeting employers at the careers fair was useful in some ways as I applied for a placement with an accounting firm  there and got an interview with them. But I would say for me Blackboard was a big help with all the placement vacancies advertised and emailed through on a regular basis.

My placement search was quite long as I applied for numerous placements. My placement secured at Haddow was advertised on the Blackboard undergraduate work placement year link – a great tool used by the Bradford School of Management Careers Services.

During my second year of Uni I was determined to get a placement for the following reasons:

  • I wanted to gain industrial experience in  accountancy
  • I wanted a break from uni with all the one hundred exams
  • I wanted to increase my future employability
  • I wanted to enhance my skills

I have gone into accountancy working as a finance assistant and finance analyst, some of it is similar to what I have learnt at University and some it has been completely different!

Am I glad I took a year out of University and completed a placement? Yes, I’m  really glad I did a placement because of the endless learning, being able to do things out of my comfort zone, and confidence I have gained from doing this. Not  to mention finding out shortcuts in Excel from my colleague, being able to complete analysis work more easily which I had done before taking me more time.

So what have I been up to at work? I’ve been on holiday, and the other day I really enjoyed getting involved in a warehouse sale helping to sell clearance stock to customers putting in practise my selling and negotiation skills.

My biggest tip is to get a placement adding to your experience and enhancing your skills. I would also utilise your time whilst out on placement.

Here’s a few snaps of my holiday to India I thought I would share in the past month

Nice scenery

India Gate