New challenges and fun time!

Working in the factory was like a new start for me. I met people from all the shifts (morning, afternoon and night) and built relationships with most of them. I must admit that I met lovely people and made friends. It wasn’t easy as I didn’t know anyone and everyone was from a different background and different cultures. I had quite a stressful time until I got to know the workers and the shift managers better because everyone had a different personality and I didn’t know how to approach each of them. However, in the end I got to know everyone better and learned from my own mistakes!

After a couple of weeks of tension it was Christmas party time! At the end of the day it wasn’t everything just about work! This was a great opportunity for me to meet my colleagues outside work and see another side of them. The Christmas party was just great. There was good music (I learned how to dance on Slovakian music), great food and amazing people! I will definitely remember my first work Christmas do for the rest of my life! It was great fun!


The following week everyone talked about what happened at the party and you could see a smile on their face as they all had fun!