Engineering? Marketing it is…

Clock struck 11.30pm and I was 30 minutes away from my deadline to apply for the placement vacancy at DePuy (Health Care firm).

This was the second list released by the organisation. The first time they did this (which was 2 months previous), all the applications from University of Bradford were lost due to some technical error. How crazy is that?

This time I opened the application form with very little confidence and was going through the job titles to state my preference.

Being a Medical Engineering student, I always imagined myself in labs doing some design work, some crazy tests or in R&D researching about virus, bacteria etc.

While surfing through the job titles, the name ‘Revision Knees’ caught me. It sounded geeky and research-oriented. So I applied for it without going through the job description as my previous experience was a total breakdown. By 11.55pm, I sent my application, and after that I totally forgot about it.

Exactly 4 weeks later I got a call for an interview. It was a complete shock but I was all excited. After having done the interview I came home and I was all tense about the results, time didn’t move, literally. I got past 48 hours with great difficulty and the next day charged my phone fully and was literally checking it every 10 minutes. By around 11.30 got a call from an unknown number, confirming the success of my interview and confirming my placement. I was jumping up and down! I couldn’t believe it, I pinched myself twice. It was real! I partied the whole night, I was going totally crazy. And then I realised my placement was in Marketing – OOPS!

So what did I learn from this, READ THE JOB DESCRIPTION before you apply.