Let There Be Light


Ironically it happens to be a sunny day in London today.

If you didn’t recognize that tower its the BT Tower, that’s the building adjacent to the Arup offices I am working in at the moment.

Have you ever wondered why there are a certain number of lights in the room you are in now? Why are they in such an arrangement? Why that particular fitting and not the other? Why there are a certain number of light switches in a room? Or maybe why the library seems brighter than your room?

Don’t worry, I don’t expect you to have, because I was just like that a few months ago. Well, all those questions are now being answered because that is the work I have just been doing, and it’s fun as it involves calculations and a lot of creativity.

Lighting within buildings and their surroundings is not something people pay particular attention to, but its absence can be noted very easily. Being responsible for lighting design on the project I am working on has changed my perception totally to lighting and its effects. We use a software called DIALux to help us in the models, simulations and calculations for the lighting. Have a look at some example models to see some of the work that my team and I have done.

Complex models I hope to be able to build by the time my placement comes to an end

I couldn’t afford not to make use of the lovely sunshine, so I decided to have my lunch at Fitzroy Square and here is the sunny view I had as I enjoyed my poached salmon.