Slaying the beast (finishing a project)

One of the projects I’m currently working on is scanning A5 20-year-old record cards by hand as they won’t run through the feeder on the photocopier.

The copier machine is now my best friend and worst enemy. I certainly know how to use it, but am sick of the sight of it. However all 1600 cards in the collection have now been scanned, converted into images and numbered, thus completing the first stage of cataloguing. I feel as though I’ve made it over a huge hurdle.

How I now see the photocopier

It’s not been the most lively of projects BUT when they are all indexed the information will be sent to the appropriate HER’s and hopefully entered into a national database. This project has taught me a lot, not only about the photocopier but about writing short descriptions of complex artefacts (see image below).

It also reminded me that on placement we are useful even if the work is occasionally tedious. If I wasn’t doing this, the cards would be sat on the top of the bookcase gathering dust where they would eventually be forgotten and the information lost.