The more you learn, the more you realise how little you knew


So where do I start with Audit? I am an external auditor with some fairly substantial experience in auditing high profile audits in local government, housing and the health services. Helping them to enhance and boost their efficiency through the identification of control deficiencies and other measures. It is exciting to know that I am part of the puzzle that is local government.

Being an external auditor comes with a great deal of responsibility. This involves reviewing assets, verifying expenditure and testing controls of financial systems. Some parts of my work have included inspecting asset deed packets and verifying if purchased assets actually exist. See fighter jet 747 to my right.

From Auditing assurance can be given and allows for users of the financial information to rely on us to present an unbiased and independent audit report.

A great deal of correspondence with clients is an extremely exciting part of my job, working in different client sites, networking with different people and most importantly gaining valuable experience with a variety of systems is more than any placement student could ask for.

Incorporating studies into work

I have learnt since starting work that the more you learn, the more you realise how little you knew.

From having studied accounting and related modules alongside prior experience in an accountancy firm, I believe it has helped a great deal in terms of understanding, being able to analyse, making judgements and giving an overall opinion surrounding financial statements. I have found myself implementing knowledge learnt from various modules like Accounting/Self-development, Practice of Management Skills, and Student Self-Development, which focus on Time Management, Teamwork, Communication skills (soft skills), and I been able to apply the knowledge to the real world of work.

Nonetheless some module knowledge has  not been used so far; however I look forward to making use of them in some shape or form in the future.


Having been away from University for so long, I do begin to question my ability to remember what I have studied, nevertheless I do miss the social side of University, partying and obviously working.

Time does fly, so make the most of the years you spend at University. Being efficient with your time should leave you with plenty of time to party!
If I could go back, I would most definitely utilise my time 100% by taking on a lot more projects, being more involved in campus events and showing more enthusiasm in becoming a more valued member of the University.