Tick tock

My blog round has come so quick and it’s already March 2012, tick tock…

As previously mentioned I claim myself to be the coffee-making expert at work, just to point out I don’t just make drinks all day (even though as you all know that would be an easy job ). But I think I created this name from making good improvements, according to my colleagues who compliment me and say “you do make a good coffee/cup of tea” since the first time I made a coffee. Let’s just say it was too strong for one of my managers at work to handle but hey he found it funny so it wasn’t so bad after all.

Some coffees I made


Back to more actual work being the finance assistant and analyst. Had a very busy few weeks since the last blog so here’s a quick list of what I’ve been up to at work:

  • Had my nails done at the assigned nail boutique in the office where I work (testing out new products for the cosmetic company), got to enjoy using work time productively and was rather therapeutic
  • Eating more lovely cakes
  • Had my tutor come see me had a nice chat
  • Got to get out of the office for a nice team lunch
  • Sat in some interviews for an MBA project (felt good not to be sat on the other side)
  • And not to forget been working away on some interesting projects, currently in the progress of nearly finishing them

Most people ask me what projects I do. Well the projects are set into different areas of the business, which I really enjoy doing, and get to undertake my own cost analysis projects where comparisons are made in the market on overheads and services.

The projects can be challenging but at the same time I’m always keen to get them done and everyone is helpful and supportive which is something I’m very lucky to have.

I feel that I have definitely been given a good insight into working in the accounts department, seeing the practical side to what I’ve learnt at university from modules such as financial & management accounting by getting to see the monthly accounts being prepared. I’ve been able to get involved in accounting things like creating journals, calculating prepayments/accurals, analysing  a/cs in the profit and loss accounts, and asked questions and seen what my managers and other colleagues do, which is a constant learning curve.



Hope you enjoyed reading! Feel free to ask any questions.