Time’s a-flying

So I said in my last blog that I would give you an overview of my role whilst on placement here at the School of Management. Well here goes.

I am working as the Careers & Placement Administrator within the Careers, Alumni & Business Engagement team.

What is my role all about?

Well I would have to say there is plenty of variety – maybe a bit too much. My role is very much changeable from what I have experienced. As you have guessed my role does involve admin work which yes sometimes it is a bit mundane but it makes you realise how organised you need to be in business. My role in a nutshell is supporting the co-ordination of my career development programmes, marketing, supporting students before, after and on placement, providing information and advice to students, and lately I have been supporting our business engagement function.

What have I been involved in?

A lot (to say the least). Over the last 8 months I have been involved in loads of different things. At the start of my placement I oversaw recruitment for a local organisation, I have set up the Placement Buddy Scheme for second year students, I have provided CV drop-in clinics to students, helped organise the Careers Fair, been interviewing students, ran two of the pre-placement workshops, been an assessor on an assessment centres as part of the 2nd year E&E module. The list just keeps getting bigger. I have also had the opportunity to go on some courses – customer service, Access Essentials and some social media training.

Currently I have been working on a large project on supporting the co-ordination of MBA project recruitment. This has involved tracking applications, arranging interviews, making offers of project to students and also been an interviewer as well. This has been quite a hectic period but been great experience.

So yes time is flying by now and can’t believe how fast it has gone. Secretly, I don’t want to go back to studying, but this year has given me the determination to succeed and I’m looking forward to graduating (in a good way).

Oh, here are some pictures of the office, you can see it’s a lot better than Numrah’s haha!