Trust Me, I’m an ENGINEER

Valentines Day is over (to those who celebrated) and it is back to work for me.

There were rumours that it had been cancelled this year because  14 – 02 – 12 = 0 😀

2012 is moving so fast and that means my placement is ending soon 🙁

The year has been good so far and it’s busy but fun. I have been doing some cool stuff like the lighting design for a 60,000 capacity stadium in Saudi Arabia. I have enjoyed the fact that I was given responsibility for the lighting on such a huge project and it has developed me into a sound engineer as I now approach design problems systematically. The thing I have enjoyed most to date about my placement is that the team members treat me as a real engineer, which is good as it develops my confidence with the subject.

Also the support I get from the School has made the placement a more enjoyable experience. The School of Engineering assigns a Placement Tutor to each student on placement, the member of staff is there to help in any way they can to facilitate a smooth placement period.

I don’t want to get to technical about my role, but it is cool stuff I promise, you have to trust me, I’m an Engineer.

I will be uploading pictures and hopefully videos of some of the work I am doing and have done , in the next posts.

I am making the most of my placement. There is this one question I always get from friends, family and general people., and I thought you might have the same questions and that is “What do you do as an engineer?” Well, the answer to that question is summarised in the picture below:

This is what I was doing the past weeks (please don’t envy my work). It can be you doing such cool stuff soon, as the other bloggers have mentioned, you just have to try your maximum best and you will get a good placement: