A Blessing in Disguise

Well I finally managed to do it and luck has nothing to do with it, it’s a complete blessing, I got a placement!

Out of the 120 students who tried, I managed to get one, I feel so over the moon about it especially considering the importance of work experience now.

Well what can I say about my self? I’m a student of the School of Management at the University of Bradford, studying BSc Business and Management; I have completed my second year of study and currently on an industrial placement within the Marketing and Communications department at the University. My course…very interesting; is it easy? NO! Most definitively not.

I remember back in my first year I received work every day, I felt so drowned in work that I thought ‘when am I going to get time to myself?’ Though I’ve now realised that it’s all a big plan to prepare you for working life and not just a lie to make you work hard for no reason. As myself and a lot of other students thought, ‘why are we working so hard? It’s not like we will ever use it’, however we were wrong! But it is very good as it gave me the mindset I needed for the working environment.

Though the best part of having so much work was looking forward to the weekends as it was nothing but fun – something different every weekend, whether it be a night out or a trip to Alton Towers, there would always be something to do, and the credit for that can go to the friends I made. I met the most amazing people when I started university, and some have become my best friends. Not knowing anybody when I started university as I was not from the area was a bit daunting but everyone was so friendly that it was impossible to not make friends.

My advice to you: work hard when you need to, but have as much fun as you and try experiencing everything crazy out there because you’ll never get this time in your life back.

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