A Typical Day

Here’s a little breakdown of a typical day of being me, well Monday – Friday anyhow, let’s leave the weekend antics well away…


Come 7am my alarm chimes and I wake up in the morning feeling like P-Diddy… who am I kidding, unfortunately, I’m not Kesha! Although I love my job, I can’t help but be infected by what we can only call ‘The Monday Morning Blues’, which tends to strike on the other weekdays too! But a bowl of cereal, a smoothie, yogurt and a bag of crisps later I’m ripe, I’m ready, I’m good to go!


Checking up on the previous days emails, following up on minor tasks, promoting changes to the live sites, and having a good nosey at fashion blogs, and  newsletters that I have been bombarded with overnight tends to fill my morning quite nicely. No one day is identical so it would be impossible for me to list each and every thing that I do.


Having skipped a few hours we come to the most anticipated time of the day, well according to my stomach, LUNCH! You can ask my colleagues (and the poor cleaners too!) and they’ll tell you that I snack all day, crisps, biscuits, chocolate, you name it! But you just can’t beat actual lunch time. Working in Little Germany means that I’m located 2 mins away from the town centre, just a small walk from Greggs, Subway, McDonalds and the other delights that Bradford has to offer. A 30-minute lunch is the standard for a 9-5 job, which I find is ample time to eat, catch up with work pals and generally release any stored up energy that would be unprofessional to let loose in the office.

Food Table

Come 2pm the dedicated sweetie table is left sparse.


From 12:30 to 17:00 is always THE longest four and a half hours. If I’m kept busy it isn’t so bad (which I generally am), whether it’s writing cheesey marketing text to try and entice customers to buy our clothing or quality checking the websites for errors and broken links… it’s all fun over here! At this very moment I’m piecing together a few outfits for a plus size catwalk show that www.curvissa.co.uk are going to take part in, a task that definitely suits me and my obsession with clothes.


Come 5pm, and not a minute later I”m packed and ready to go!

Having heard about my love of food, you’re probably wondering why I’m not the size of a small elephant, here’s where I can try and redeem myself! Working in the town centre has another major perk, we’re a two minute walk from the gym (a budget one too!), therefore I like to spend an hour or two after work burning off those cakes and crisps and keeping myself in tip-top condition. Sitting at a desk all day is really not the best thing for your body, so doing something about it is a must!

Gym Piccy

One of my favorite places ever atm, the gym!


Being stuck in rush-hour traffic isn’t something that I look forward to each and every day, but unfortunately it cannot be escaped. Radio1 you are my savior!


During the week it’s safe to say that my social life isn’t at its peak, in fact I’m quite reminiscent of someone who lives in a cave, a mere shadow of my weekend self. But the truth is, after eight hours of work, an intense hour workout, and generally preening and prepping myself for general life, I’m exhausted! I’m not ashamed to say that by 10pm I’m tucked up in bed… a girl needs her beauty sleep!