From North to South

Well what can I say, working as an Auditor at the Public Body down in London has definitely lived up to all expectations!

I’ve been on my placement for a few months now so I’ll try my best to sum up everything in my post. I should probably start with my name, its Farhat Shah and I am studying Accounting and Finance at the prestigious University of Bradford School of Management.

I have had the opportunity to work in different parts of the country – I have travelled to various towns in the eastern region. Needless to say that I have met many people from all walks of life, some friendly and welcoming, others strict and very work-driven.

It has been an overwhelming experience to travel so much – I have enjoyed becoming independent and enjoyed the aspect of travelling where I would see new faces, but at the same time realised that travelling isn’t as glamorous as I thought it would be! But still I count myself lucky to have such an exciting and responsible role to play on my placement.

I live in a town called Rotherham; to many people I refer to home as Sheffield as no one ever seems to have come across Rotherham, not to mention it saves me explaining where it is.

Coming from a fairly quiet and developing town, I knew I was in for a massive change moving to the city. Bradford was vibrant and never seemed to sleep. Sporting events such as cricket and boxing were truly ecstatic, with the multicultural city creating a buzzing environment.

University is by far the best experience I have had; building relationships, experiencing freedom at the fullest and building a career simultaneously have all been a great part of the rollercoaster, and I really don’t want to get off the ride!

The City – Bradford

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