How times change

Hi guys, so here goes my first blog post –  where to begin? I guess I will start with introducing myself, so I’m Luke and I am currently on the third year of my course studying Human Resource Management at the School of Management at the University.

As part of my third year I am on placement and it is probably somewhere you wouldn’t think of it being at, the University. So, my placement is in the Careers/Business Engagement team at the School of Management which I am now half way through, and I don’t know where the last 6 months have gone –  time flies when you’re on placement, believe you me.

First I’ll talk more about my uni experience so far, even though you will probably already have a good idea what student life involves.

First year, for me (and most others), was mostly about partying, consuming your student loan, meeting new people and having a good time,  a lecture at 9am on a Friday after a a good night out, well, lets just say it was the last thing on my mind. Second year, well it was time to work harder (all-nighters in the library become a norm when exams come around), to get the grades I wanted but still manage to have a good time.

Now on placement, well that surely has changed. No more midweek nights out, no more sleeping in till 12pm (how I miss the student life sometimes). Now I am up at half 6 each morning, catching two buses and being in the office for half 8 and that was certainly a challenge for me at the start. My time on placement so far has been great, though I have to admit going from student to staff is a strange experience but after a couple of weeks I got use to it. 6 months in and it is really hard to summarise what I have done so far, so I am going to save that for another post.

Doing a placement is a fantastic experience though, I’m sure the rest of the School of Management placement guys will agree with me there.