Life is uncertain, Eat dessert first. The Placement experience

So another month has gone by and I am have been fairly busy and really enjoying the new responsibilities and work I have been doing.

I don’t know if I have mentioned why I enjoy my placement so much. If I didn’t, let me tell you why, its because of the Social Life at my work place. The engineers in the London office are split into five groups and the groups organize at least one social event every month then once in every three months all the groups meet for one massive social event called The Surgery.

More about the surgery…………………

The Amazing Food

Food at the social

I think by now you would have noticed my love for food. I have come to the stage where I just accept a meeting invitation if it says lunch provided  without even checking what the meeting /presentation is about. The Surgery was loaded with food, drink, music and socializing/networking . The pictures will sum up everything for you, although you won’t see any pics of me doing my moves. I am sure there were probably alot more things I could have taken pics of but I was just concentrating on the food.


Sushi, nibbles and stuff....

It wouldn’t have been a great event if there were no drinks. For those who like the bottle, there was a lot to choose from, whether it be wine, beer, cider, juice, cocktails (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) and even WATER! What more could you ask for?!

Drinks at the Surgery

The wine and juice selection


I enjoyed the evening thoroughly and made new friends which is always good especially being away from my uni mates.  The good thing is I remained dignified and didn’t do any ‘silly’ stuff which are normally done by people who would have had too many drinks. Placements are meant to be an enjoyable experience and at the same time they are kind of a year long interview so how one behaves at a placement is important as it might determine if the company will be willing to take you back. In as much as you have to enjoy at the social events, be responsible and maintaining  your professionalism will not do you any harm.

More drinks

TIP OF THE DAY: If on placement or even at uni  attend as many social events as you can especially that are subsidized/free as it will save your pocket and its great a platform to socialize and make friends.

……………………………………..Also as eat as much as you can………………………………………..