Preparar – to prepare

Welcome to STM (student midwife) in Mendoza, where I will document some of my experiences and observations of a three-week placement in the maternity wing of a large public hospital in Mendoza, Argentina.

During my last day pre-departure, I wrote a few scribbles down for the blog aiming to update it on the actual day, but as usual before a big trip, things did’t go exactly to plan. Anyway, here´s the entry that should have been posted on 13th April:

‘Its the day before my flight.  I have done as much Spanish revision as I can these past few months in between placement, job applications, essay submissions and practice prjoect preparation. Cheers to time management.

One of the best things about this elective placement is the one-week intensive Spanish course, to bring out more of those Spanish words locked in my long term memory and, more importantly, to learn the medical Spanish which I will need to fully appreciate my experience and ask plenty of questions.

After a goodbye dinner with friends tonight, I’ll double check my bags and then I’m ready to fly tomorrow evening.  I am nervous and excited about this trip, after all the planning and juggling of work load, it’s finally time.’

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