The kind of goodbyes I can cope with

At this very moment I’m sat in the office, music in one ear, quiet office, and taking a good look around at my surroundings.

I have just two weeks (well, eight days) left of full-time work left here at Freemans Grattan Holdings (FGH), and honestly, it’s quite sad! The past year has gone so fast, I honestly can’t believe it’s been a whole year. I keep thinking back to times like Christmas, birthdays and Easter, just to reassure myself that I have actually been here for the entire 52 weeks.

In this ‘short’ space of time, I feel that I’ve learnt so much, this extends far beyond the intellectual stuff too! Apart from my new knowledge of online marketing, email marketing and the general fashion e-commerce environment, I can walk away from this internship with a stronger sense of self! Okay, so that phrase could be construed as cliché and airy fairy, but I believe that I’ve really discovered myself over this past year. Working in the professional environment has forced me to ‘come out of my shell’ and I’ve learnt to act as not only as a professional, but how I want to without the pressure from peers moulding my actions.

This year’s new interns started work here around two weeks ago, to me that really does mark the beginning of a new chapter. I was that newbie this time last year, getting confused with peoples’ names, being hesitant to ask questions etc. Being able to guide the new interns and help them out really instils me with confidence and helps me to understand my progress.

Luckily, this internship won’t really come to an end in two weeks, well not fully. I’m one of the lucky ones. FGH have offered me a part time position which will mean that I will work here 16 hours per week whilst at university. I don’t have to go back to scanning items at a checkout to raise extra money, YIPEEEEE.

So my goodbyes on the 13th September won’t be forever – I can deal with that!

P.S. The relevance of the FGH bear? Who doesn’t like bears!?

FGH Bear

FGH Bear – Cutie