Try until you succeed

Hey my name’s Katie! I’m currently in my third year studying Accounting and Finance at the School of Management.

I have been at university for 2 years now, but it only feels like I started yesterday, time does really fly. My first year was pretty daunting considering I had no idea what to expect but I suppose everyone’s in the same boat at the beginning. Uni was a massive change from the school days when I would spend most of my time copying from the board (didn’t realise how easy I had it back then). At the time all I was hearing was the phrase ‘independent study’, code for time to buckle down.

Second year seemed a lot more relaxed at the beginning, needless to say work was a lot more challenging. With 101 jobs to do, lectures were the last thing on my mind and to be honest at the time seemed pointless. Took me a while to grasp this but once you’re behind, you’re really behind. All-nighters, sleepless nights, not the best thing when it comes to exams. It’s pretty safe to say I’ve learnt my lesson. Tip 1: Attend all (well most) lectures.

My placement search wasn’t the easiest by far and not so straight forward. There were so many times I felt like throwing the towel in but I’m so glad I kept going and have had the opportunity to do a placement year.

Tip 2: Don’t ever give up. This may sound crazy but I received an offer and ended up turning it down. Don’t get me wrong I was thrilled at the time but after giving it some thought it really wasn’t for me – felt it was best to do a placement in something I was interested in rather than wasting a year so carried on applying to other companies.

After all that everything did pay off in the end. I got another offer which I did accept. I’m doing my placement in a medium sized family business called Haddow Holdings PLC in Bradford working in the accounts department as a Finance Assistant & Analyst. I have met some lovely people and absolutely love working there,  and not to mention getting to eat the lovely cakes and treats that are made. Already half way through it can’t believe how fast it has gone so far and really don’t want it to end.

My first day only feels like yesterday I was so nervous and had no idea what to expect (or what to wear). I got there and everyone was really nice. Turned out the dress code was casual so didn’t even have to buy a whole new work wardrobe.

My placement has been so valuable and I never stop learning even if it’s becoming a coffee making expert, all will be revealed soon.

I thought i would share a gift of a birthday cake – created by one of the lovely people who I really get on well with.