How much for gas?! Try UK prices

The Americans are feeling the pinch now as the price of gas is now peaking $4 a gallon (4.5 litres). They should try UK prices (£1.40 per litre). Oh and tax in Fullerton CA is 7.75%, which changes depending where you are, that is why they add tax on at the till rather than on price tags. It is one of the highest tax areas in USA and is moaned about a lot. Erm, how much is it in England? 20%! I am no Economist but I must have learnt something doing Economics, I just struggle with the correct terminology. All too highbrow for me, I just want to know what I’m going to pay. At least in England you know final price before you approach the till. Another thing I have noticed is that when they swipe your card they give it back to you without checking the signature or entering a pin, in most places anyway. I find it quite strange, not very secure. I have been using a money card from the Post Office which is a MasterCard, which you load with dollars. I have paid for a 120 block dining package with my accommodation which equates to 1 meal a day but I can cook in my apartment too. You also get $200 reducing balance to use at late night cafe next to Gastrome too. The Gastrome offers a great variety of food and is all very tasty. Mexican nearly every night, they love their refried beans.

Gastrome where residential students eat