Let me introduce myself

I’ve never really been that good at introducing and talking about myself, but here goes.

My name is Charlotte and I’m currently a second year Media Technology and Production student at the University of Bradford, about to embark on one of the scariest, yet exciting adventures of my life. I have chosen to spend my third year studying at the University of Memphis, Tennessee. My main areas of study are film production and journalism, which is why I agreed to be part of this blog posting.

When people ask me what I study at university, I normally just stick to Film Production as it’s the main area I study. However, when I look at the big picture, I have covered way more than that in just two years, from computer technologies, web design and storytelling to TV and film production and editing and photography. But it’s studying such a board range, that I found my passion for film, mostly direction and editing.  It’s this passion and drive that lead me to take it further, quite literally, and apply to study abroad.

I knew pretty much from the off that I wanted to go the US – it’s one of the major places for the industry I want to be part of, and I felt I’d gain a lot more knowledge and skills in the field going there.

As it stands at this moment, I have applied for and received my visa and been officially acceptable into Memphis. I am still waiting to register for my classes, but hopefully this will be done this week.