One of the biggest decisions of your life – which University?

So my placement year is nearly coming to end, so I will keep this bit short and  just say this about the placement year – You have heard everyone say how great it is and it really is a great experience, you just have to make sure you put the hard work for you to be able to get a placement! It will be one of the most rewarding experiences you will have at University.

A placement year will however seem a long way off and one thing that may be at the top of the your priorities is what University to go to?! So let me tell you about my experience…

How did I come to apply for Bradford?

Well my story is probably a lot different from everyone else’s or I presume so anyway. I came to learn more about the University and in particularly the School of Management through the University’s Compact Scheme. This Scheme allowed me to visit the School of Management for a taster day to see what the School was like and what type of subjects would be taught. This was a great day as it allowed me to learn more about a School and gain a feel of what Uni would be like. I also went to the Psychology taster day as I was in Year 12 and not really sure what I wanted to do at that point. This was good though as it allowed me to compare the subjects and in the end I finally chose Business.

So why Bradford?

I choose Bradford because of the reputation of the School of Management, having one of the UK’s leading business schools on my door step was not an opportunity I was going to miss.  I also knew that I would have dedicated support throughout my time through the School’s Career Development Service and Effective Learning Service which would beneficial whilst doing my degree. What I probably did wrong though is that I only attended Bradford’s and Leeds Met open days. I would recommend you visit all the University you want to apply to as it really will help you decide between them all.

My tips to you:

  • Have a look at University websites and YouTube at student profiles/videos to hear their experiences.
  • Attend open days – this is a really useful way to meet students who are at the Uni and gain advice and insight from them.
  • Think about what you really want from your time at Uni – good nightlife? good food? good job prospects? good teaching? interesting modules?  This will help you to decide on which Uni is best for you.
  • Do not make your decision based on someone’s website, go see it for yourself!
  • Talk to lecturers, tutors and current students
  • Check out the University’s Student Union Facebook/website pages to see what events and societies/sports you can join.