A New Beginning

Almost two weeks into my training as a new sabbatical officer, and I can honestly say that I feel like a different person.  I’ve been around the University of Bradford Students’ Union in some kind of capacity for three years now and I really thought I was aware of the general inner workings of the UBU … according to my sabbatical training, I hadn’t even breached the tip of the iceberg, although, I’m learning so that’s a start.

This year feels different though, as somebody who has watched the union for the last three years, I made an observation,  the sabbatical team that I am a part of seems different from all the others I have encountered during my time at the UBU.  Perhaps I’m severely biased and naive as to what will happen in the future but I know for a fact that we all have the same goal, to make the university and the union a better place for all students.

We all genuinely get along with each other and each of us acknowledge and understand that the year ahead not only holds many adventures for all of us, but also challenges that will test each of us individually, and as a team. I know from previous years that not all sabbatical teams have been able to withstand the test of time, but I think that we may have a winner this year.  Aleem with his witty sense of humour, and overall dedication to making our union a better place for all students, Hamza with his strong will and fervent desire to overhaul the union rules in order to make the union more easily accessible, Siji’s quite but fierce determination to make sure sports is the best its ever been, Subira’s wholehearted comittment to the students, with a zeal I have never seen in a sabbatical officer before, Aphrodita, with her huge and powerful presence, ready to take on whatever challenge that may come her way, all in the name of student experience, and I with my unwavering passion, ready to make sure that I will do anything it takes to see my union is successful in all its endeavours.

The year ahead holds many great things for everyone, especially the students and I look forward to every minute of it.

Team Bradford FTW!