Embrace the Past but step towards tomorrow.

Hey, I’m Siji, your Sports Officer for this Academic year. Sports has had a massive impact on my life during my time here at the University of Bradford. it is my job to enrich your experience, with a range of 32 different sport clubs to pick from.

Regardless of ability levels, there is a sport for everyone, and with fantastic sports facilities on campus, joining the dynamic family like sporting community is a must. Our clubs are famed for their co-curricular activities, charity events, social life and tours, so it’s about far more than just playing and competing.
It is a great time to be part of TEAM BRADFORD, with the opening of our new Sports facility, consisting of a new 3G full-size football pitch, four tennis courts, a physio room, and a new conditioning suite. So please don’t hesitate to seize the opportunities to become part of TEAM BRADFORD!

From Joining the university as a shy, timid fresher, who was scared to interact with others, to running in one of the most anticipated elections on campus.

Cue the 20th of June 2016, the first day of training. Embarking on this new adventure, staggering into student central at 9.30am on a Monday morning,unbuttoned shirt, pepper grained hair, perplexed as to what lies ahead of me.
The first meeting on the timetable was the Vice Chancellor himself. An overwhelming experience on the first day which set the tone for the rest week, a week packed with information on the UBU and University.
which involved travelling to Huddersfailed (meeting their incoming sabbatical officers and Trustee training),
Meeting all the faculty Deans,
Visiting Lister Park to experience the amazing inclusive works of Cycling For All,
Playing wheelchair basketball against the Union staff team,
and constructing a go-kart that only managed to stay intact for 5 minutes.

My second week of training consists of more detailed planning for the year, training in specific areas of the students union, my first Bucs Development day conference at the University of Birmingham and to my official start on the Friday 1st of July!

i hope to keep you all posted on what i get up to during the coming weeks, stay safe and stay blessed!