Getting Extra with the UBU

Last week I went on a visit to Sheffield Hallam, not for a day out, but to learn more about NUS Extra, the loyalty card that is available to all students in one year, two year and three year flavours.

It’s something we’ve offered for the past few years through flyers in our Team Bradford bags, students with iPads at induction, and other general publicity, but it’s not something that has ever had a huge uptake, probably because we’ve never pushed it outside of freshers. But hopefully we’re now going to rectify that and give it more of a push as there are lots of benefits with the NUS Extra card that you may not be aware of.

I have to admit that compared to other Students’ Unions we’ve not been quite as ahead in terms of embracing NUS Extra with other unions incorporating it into everything they do and getting plenty of sales to help them fund their own projects, and also help students save a lot of money.

So let’s take a look at NUS Extra, the card that will save you money and help us support you through student activities!


Firstly, the fact. For one year the NUS Extra card costs you £13. This can be bought online and it gets delivered to either your home address or the Students’ Union reception. This is an ID that proves you are a student and is recognised not only in the UK but all over the world thanks to it now including the ISIC.

The NUS have worked to include lots of offers with the NUS Extra card. Highlights include:

  • 50% off Spotify Premium – perfect for music lovers
  • 5% off Amazon Student purchasers
  • 25% off Domino’s online orders over £25
  • £15 off your first UBER journey

It’s also accepted in many shops around Bradford including New Look, Vision Express and Zizzi in the Broadway, and branches of the Co-op, Matalan and Superdrug, plus lots, lots more which can be found on their website. There are plenty of offers whether you like technology, fashion, beauty, food or music, plus lots more discounts from ISIC abroad too. You can even get money on your Endsleigh insurance.

As well as the physical card you can also download an app onto your iPhone or Android phone to have all the offers on the go.

So although it does cost you £13 to get the card it’s very easy to get your money back and also start making savings. Plus the NUS Extra card is not for profit and the money you pay for it goes to the NUS but also to ourselves; we get money from each card sold to put into the services we offer.

We are now looking at other exciting ways of using the card, speaking to local businesses to get them on board so the card gets you more discounts for companies just based in Bradford.


There are also a few other exciting things about it. If you’re a University staff member you too can apply for one, and also, as a student, you can apply for a three-year card just before you graduate giving you an extra 36-months of being a student, only without the lectures! We’ll hopefully have a presence at this year’s graduation ceremonies, so look out for us there!

Future plans could include discounts on campus for NUS Extra card holders and more savings around the city!

The NUS can also provide us with a card printer as well so you could get your NUS Extra card from UBU reception straight away and this is something we hope to bring in for September 2016!

So hopefully that’s given you a flavour of what NUS Extra is about. You can find out more information on our refreshed NUS Extra page including all the great discounts.

If you have bought an NUS Extra card let us know what your thoughts on it have been; what have your favourite discounts been? If you haven’t yet you can also comment and ask us questions about it!

Stay tuned for more exciting developments in the world of NUS Extra here at the UBU!