Hydration Stations

In September 2015 the University of Bradford and the Students’ Union joined forces as part of the NUS Alcohol Impact scheme, which aims to create an institution wide approach to responsible drinking on campuses.

The scheme contains many different criteria’s that we must meet to achieve the accreditation. The SU and the University have been working hard over the last few months to meet the criteria’s in the hopes of being audited and accredited in November 2016.
I know what you’re thinking – and no we are not here to tell you not to drink! We are simply endeavouring to raise awareness on drinking, improve your safety on and off campus when you do drink and also to increase our non-alcohol events; for those who don’t drink and those who do but want a change or to do something new, different or maybe even a bit healthier.

hydration station phil render

As part of Alcohol Impact we are launching Hydration Stations at all our big alcohol events such as FND and Party On The Amp. The idea stemmed from Leeds University Union who have done the stations across their campus calling it Wonder Water. At the Hydrations Stations you will find fresh fruit infused water and at special events, like POTA, you’ll find other refreshing bits and bobs like ice pops.

The idea is not to tell you what to drink or how to drink but it’s all about helping you to enjoy your nights out by simply incorporating a few refreshing glasses of water into your drinking routine.

Having a great night out may well include alcohol, but we’re here to make you aware of the thirst-quenching, hangover-busting, invigorating liquid that is H2O. By keeping topped up with water throughout a night’s drinking, you’re much more likely to stay in control, feel fantastic and avoid that nasty hangover in the morning.

There is going to be plenty more to come as far as Alcohol Impact is concerned and we promise we are not here to stop you drinking. So come find us at POTA where we will be launching our first Hydration Station!

And remember:

  • We want you to love your night out and enjoy drinking alcohol, but we also want you to know that sipping on water throughout the night will actually help you to enjoy it even more!
  • We’re all about keeping your energy levels up, the hangover at bay and letting you know that this can be achieved just by enjoying the invigorating power of water.
  • It’s all about staying hydrated — because alcohol dehydrates the body, water is the most effective way of helping to balance out this negative effect, helping you to love you nights out in Bradford